Wolf Pack MC


Welcome to the newest part of the Wolf Pack! Allow us to share a little about ourselves, seeing on how we aren't well known yet. What the Wolf Pack is, is a group of people who play on Minecraft's PVP servers hosted by MCPVP. We only choose the best of the best to join our clan, and we play very often. You may know one of the following:

DemiDrake - WP's Owner
IndianPrincess - WP's Owner
DarkAvengance - WP's Co-Owner
DylanPvP - WP's Co-Owner

SeibelFTW - WP's Youtube Moderator

If you are interested in the thing's you've read, please check out our clan for yourself by adding:
[Demialdrake] to skype!

Please check out our videos, photos, and forums to learn more!
Also, please read the Website/Clan rules on the rules tab.

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